Quality Escort Services in Dubai
Quality Escort Services in Dubai
Quality Escort Services in Dubai
Quality Escort Services in Dubai
Quality Escort Services in Dubai

Rosaline Love


  • Height:
    165 cm
  • Weight:
    52 kg
  • Age:
    29 years
  • Languages:
  • Orientation:
  • Travels to:
  • Services:
    photo 50gbp video 100gbp
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Rosaline Love Pornstar Escort Rosaline Love Pornstar Escort Rosaline Love Pornstar Escort Rosaline Love Pornstar Escort Rosaline Love Pornstar Escort Rosaline Love Pornstar Escort Rosaline Love Pornstar Escort
ROSALINE LOVE pornstar escort is here to give escort services in London and Dubai.

Among the best London escorts and Dubai escorts.

Rosaline Love escort has great experience in the adult industry, so enjoy your ultimate PSE (porn star experience)!

From - Sheherezan.com - escort and pornstar escort agency!

Pornstar escorts London!
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As Alex was kissing my mouth, my tongue, I’ve felt that exciting thing inside my pussy. I always got wet after this, and I knew that this time it is more intensive than ever. My nipples were hard, Alex started to play with them and soon he started to kiss them and to lick around with his tongue.…more

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Well, today I am going to write you about some easy facts about porn star escorts. First of all, porn star escorts and normal escorts have huge differences. When I’ve started my escort career I only focused to have jobs in Dubai and London, and I can tell you I am among the most experienced…more

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Pornstar Author: Angela on 11.04.2013
Abdul started to be hard, I felt it with my ass. He grabbed my neck and turned me around. I was his little bitch, his Dubai escort who he paid for a few hours before. I didn’t care, I wanted to believe he was my lover, even if it was just an outcall. We started to kiss hard, I grabbed his penis…more

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The apartment was on in the 40th floor of a huge building, it was minimum 150 square meters. It had swimming pool, sauna, fireplace and every other luxury thing you can imagine inside. I was shocked, it had to be a few million dollars. Abdul saw on his Dubai escort girls face that I was looking…more

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As a Dubai escort I was on an outcall work with my rich client, Abdul. We have been to eat and party before we went back to the car. I was sucking his dick on the back seat in the Bentley limo as a good Dubai escort and Abdul was fucking my mouth moving his dick in and out, deep into my throat.…more

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London escort work - Pt.6.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 10.10.2013
I was a London escort on a city tour in my favorite city, in my 5-stars hotel with my first client Mike. I’ve just arrived 4 hours ago to the city to be an escort in London, and to be honest I wasn’t prepared to have my first client so early. But as my escort agent, who is one of the organizers…more

London escort work - Pt.5.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 10.09.2013
So after I’ve arrived to my hotel in the centre of London I had only 2 hours to eat and prepare myself until my first client arrived. I packed out my clothes from my bags and ran down to the lobby to eat something. I’ve ordered a soup and some sandwiched because I had no time to wait for a…more

London escort work - Pt.4.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 10.08.2013
After I had my new portfolio ready, I’ve talked with Steve about the next steps of my London escort work. He told me that I have to use my own credit card to reserve a hotel room and buy my plane ticket. He told me that the best is to search every day for good prices, and to go for seven days.…more

London escort work - Pt.3.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 10.07.2013
So after I’ve discussed all the details with Steve I was looking forward to travel back to London, but now with an escort agency in the background. First of all as we have discussed with Steve, I had to do some “renovation” and new pictures. Steve my agent were talking a lot about how the pictures…more

London escort work - Pt.2.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 10.04.2013
So I was in the shopping mall with Steve, my new London escort agent talking about the details of my future works. Steve explained me some things about the escort agency and why is it much safer to work with them as a London escort or anywhere else in the world. He told me that they have good…more

London escort work - Pt.1.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 10.04.2013
So as I mentioned earlier, I had some previous experiences about working in London as an escort girl. London escort works are usually good ones, but it’s hard to beat the competitors. There are so many London escort websites, many with fake escort agencies or fake pictures, that clients have…more

Escort in London - Pt.7.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 10.02.2013
As the last part of the escort in London story, I had to tell you the final experiences. Basically I found that London escorts have many possibilities, I could also realize that it’s hard to beat the competition. In that flat with 3 girls was not so easy to be an escort in London, and I had…more

Escort in London - Pt.6.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 10.01.2013
We went to the bed with Bob, who I already sucked hard in the last minutes. He enjoyed to fuck my mouth deep, I made deepthroat for him many times. He was a cute client, but as an escort in London I had no client who was so hardcore during sex. He asked me to bring him to the bed and massage…more

Escort in London - Pt.5.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.30.2013
Bob asked me after the dinner if there were any places I wanted to see. I thought as we had still 2 hours that it would be fine to look around even from a cab, so I asked him to go around a little with a car. I told him I don’t want to “waste” his time to stop anywhere, we can go to his place…more

Escort in London - Pt.4.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.30.2013
As my first escort works in London started I had more self-confidence. Money started to flow slowly, but all the websites were highly competitive so it was hard to get clients. On the other hand I’ve heard from the girls that the biggest problem in London that over 30% of the pictures on websites…more

Escort in London - Pt.3.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.27.2013
So as you could read in my previous stories, I decided to be an escort in London, and after some preparation I went to London where I had to live with other London escorts. The flat wasn’t nice at all, and some shocking surprises came as I couldn’t advertise myself for one or two weeks how…more

Escort in London - Pt.2.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.26.2013
So the day of my travel to London has arrived. I had to prepare my things at home, my flowers, my little dog, everything. As my plan was to stay as an escort in London for minimum 2 months, I had to switch off the heating and the electricity as well. I brought my dog to one of my girlfriend’s…more

Escort in London - Pt.1.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.25.2013
Today I am going to write about my first experiences as an escort in London. I’m a pornstar escort for a few years and I had many escort works over the years, but as an escort in London I had no success in the beginning. I want to tell you this story that happened long time ago when I decided…more

London escorts

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.25.2013
When we are talking about low-, middle- or high-class escorts, there is one city in the world where you can find all type of escort girls. London escorts are among the most experienced ones, it’s also because of the history of England, and also because of demographic reasons. London escorts…more

Luxury Dubai escorts

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.24.2013
Today I am going to talk about the facts behind high-class escorts and escort works in the United Arab Emirates. It’s very common to handle the UAE – United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai as the place of the highest class, luxury escort works in the world. There are some other places where…more

My first Dubai escort experience - Pt.3.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.22.2013
He didn't tell me, but I felt that Sahin likes dominant women and he must be excited from them. So I let him to enjoy his time licking between my legs. I caught his hair and I shouted his name: - Sahin! Don't stop it! Lick my pussy apart! He gave me at least two orgasms with his tongue. After…more

My first Dubai escort experience - Pt.2.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.19.2013
I have never flied so much during my works, but the trip was long to the UAE - United Arab Emirates as a Dubai escort. So I arrived to the city of Dubai. I have seen a beautiful place from the skies. It was like a dream town. I was happy that I am going to be one of the Dubai escorts in the…more

My first Dubai escort experience - Pt.1.

Pornstar Author: Angela on 09.17.2013
My name is Angela and I’m a luxury escort. I have been doing this work for five years and I have already seen everything. I work for a cool escort agency mostly as a Dubai escort and London escort, and I have had a lot of great works. These are my favorite cities and my best experiences happened…more
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